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How to Keep Running (3 little tips)

1. When I’m running, I have a habit. That’s I must listen music during the running. So a pair of    excellent earphone is a must for me. The earbuds must be wireless and not easy to drop and better to be waterproof ( so the sweat will not destroy the earphone). I have tried many earphone, wired and Bluetooth. The wird earphone are easy to winding, I need take many time to unwinding it. And some earpods are easy to drop. It will decrease my passion to run.Finally I found a pair of Bluetooth wireless earphone free of winding, not easy to drop, waterproof and 6D super sound. Hope you can find a pair of buds that suit for you.

2. When I begin to run, the longest distance is about 2 kilometers. I remembered one time when I post this to my Facebook, some friends of mine asked me why you run so short distance and said you have tried your best. From that on, I keep practice time by time. But you know to decrease the distance is eary, but not for increasing. So every practice I told myself, you just need to increase 10 meters more one time. After numerous practice, I can run 10 kilometers now. Some of you may think 10 kilometers is a small case of you, but not for me. Every time, I ran more distance and wore my —- and listened my favorite song. This is my happy time.

3. You need to set a goal for yourself. At the beginning of running, I do not have a goal, so after 1 or 2 kilometers running, I will quit and can’t continue. To solve this problem, I have set a goal for myself for everything running. For example, if today I will go to run, I will set a 5 kilometers goal for myself. Every time, when I feel I will quit, I will tell myself there are just 1, 2 or 3 kilometers left, try your best. The final result is I can finish the 5 kilometers running.

These are some small tips from my experience. Hope it will hope you.

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