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How to interpret TWS Earphone from parameters

First, thanks for reading my article.

Second, I will take D-M6s TWS 5.0 Airpods as an example to show how to interpret TWS earphone from parameters.

Bluetooth Version:5.0

Chipset: Jieli 6916

Material: ABS+PC

Driver: 15mm, φ6 Copper Ring Speaker

Impedance:32 OHM

Microphone sensitivity:-42Db

Frequency response:20-20000Hz

Distance 10 m

Capacity: earphone: 55mAh , charging case 400mAh

Playing time:4-5H

Charging time  earbuds:1H, charging case:2H

Standby time :100H

1)The first parameter we will explain is Bluetooth version.Here we can see the advantage of Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth 5.0 positioning is more accurate

Yes, you are not mistaken, the Bluetooth 5.0 released by Bluetooth Technology Alliance in 2016 can provide users with more accurate positioning services, positioning accuracy within 1 meter, if your Bluetooth headset is lost, you can use this technology to find .

In addition to more accurate indoor positioning, Bluetooth 5.0 transmission speed is faster than the previous Bluetooth version 4.2, Bluetooth version 5.0 can provide users with an effective working distance of 300 meters in the transmission distance. Currently, Apple 8 or more mobile phones use This technical standard.

2)Second aspect is about the chipset.

Because I’m not the professional engineer of chipest, so I will just list some chipest models. It’s just from my personal experience, so I will not state it in details, in case it’s wrong and mislead others.

W1/H1: Apple's own chip



Actiion/ Realtek



Now in the market, the most used chipset is JL. Considering the price/performance ratio of the product, majority buyer and manufacturer will use JL. The launch of JL chipset has broken the original chipset price system, the chipset price has lower down a lot. Also the performance of JL chipset is relatively stable. So it become the mainstream chipset.

3)Next one is material.

When some customers check the material parameter of material, they will ask me that whether ABS is environmental material. Here I want say to you all, Yes, ABS can be environmental material. But to do environmental material will add the cost. This involves an industry open secret: Same product, the price quoted from suppliers can be dramatic different, material could be one reason. And even use the same material, the case is a little thinner, also can effect the cost. Here is what I can say. If you need to know more, you can contact me directly:Denise@d-wireless.com.

4)Then the driver( speaker). The driver parameter of D-M6s is 15mm, φ6 Copper Ring Speaker.

Distinguish from the speaker material: There are three cooper ring, black magnet, white magnet. From my list, you can see the cooper ring is the best. You know, the quality of the earphone is mainly depend on the driver quality. Copper ring driver the sound performance is great. HIFi, deep bass, stereo sound.

Distinguish from the structure: single moving ring + single moving iron, single moving ring + double moving iron. The advantage of the moving iron unit is that the electroacoustic conversion efficiency is high and the vibration body is light, so High sensitivity and good transient performance make the dynamic and instantaneous details of the original dynamic circle difficult to express. The low frequency and intermediate frequency are naturally presented by the moving coil unit, which takes advantage of the dynamic low frequency dive depth and medium frequency clear and natural transition. The advantages and functions of the moving iron unit mainly undertake and complement the high-frequency attenuation section of the moving coil. Starting from the crossover point of 6 kHz, the moving iron unit is responsible for the high frequency, and the high frequency range is extended to 30 kHz.


Usually, the sensitivity of the earphone is actually the sensitivity level of the earphone. When it is applied to the electric power of 1 mW on the earphone, the sound pressure level generated by the earphone coupled to the artificial ear (dummy head), the power of 1 mW is the frequency. The standard impedance of the headphones at 1000 Hz is calculated based on the basis. The unit of sensitivity is dB/mW, and the other one that is not commonly used is dB/Vrms, which is the sound pressure level produced by the 1Vrms voltage applied to the headphones. High sensitivity means that the power required to reach a certain sound pressure level is small, and the sensitivity of the dynamic earphone is generally above 90dB/mW. If it is for the Walkman, the sensitivity is preferably around 100dB/mW or higher.

The sensitivity of the speaker is the sound pressure level generated by inputting 1W power at 1 meter. For headphones and speakers with similar sensitivity values, the power required by the earphone is equivalent to 1/1000 of the speaker. In fact, this value is even smaller because it is rarely Someone listened to the speaker at a distance of 1 meter.


Sensitivity has different values at different frequencies. This is the frequency response. The dependence of the sensitivity on the frequency is represented by a curve, which is called the frequency response curve. The human hearing range is 20Hz-20000Hz. Most people who are out of this range can't hear the sound. The frequency band that the earphone can reproduce is quite wide. The excellent earphone can reach 5Hz-45000Hz. Generally, the frequency response given by the earphone is positive or negative 10dB. The unevenness of the frequency response given by professional headphones and some high-end headphones is plus or minus 3dB, which causes many medium and low-end headphones to have a striking frequency response. The frequency response of the headphones is flat. A sound with a true frequency response curve is not good, because the sound has already occurred with the head before the sound enters the ear canal, resulting in peaks and valleys. Therefore, the earphone design is often balanced to make the ear The received frequency response curve is relatively flat.

7)It’s about the playing time.

Usually there are two kinds of playing time, one is the communication time, anther is listening music time. Normally the communication time is longer than listening time. As for the reason, you can guess. (PS you can email: denise@d-wireless,com, if you have the answer. I will prepare a small gift for you).

8) About the battery, like material and driver, there are also some tricks. But I can assure you, all our battery are original and with guarantee.

9) Final, there are some little tips to measure the TWS 5.0 Airpods.

Measuring the earphones can use some methods of evaluating the speakers, but the listening sound of the headphones is different from that of the speakers. The sound waves emitted by the speakers are attenuated in the air, interfere with each other, interact with the head and ears of the person, and the sound of the earphones directly enters the ear. .

The sound quality of the earphone is more important than its technical performance. Because the shape of the human head and the ear is different, a pair of headphones will have different hearing feelings for different people, so the recommendation can only be used as a reference. There is a chance to listen to it personally. Only then can you really feel the sound of the headphones.

What is a high fidelity headset? The main performance of the high-fidelity headphones recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 is: the frequency range is not less than 50Hz-12500Hz, the optimal frequency response of the current dynamic headphones is about 5-45,000Hz; the allowable error of the typical frequency response is positive and negative. 3dB; the slope of the frequency response curve does not exceed 9dB per octave; the difference between the average sound pressure level of the unit in the same octave band is not more than 2dB in the range of 250Hz-800Hz; the sound pressure level is 94dB in the range of 100Hz-5000Hz. When the harmonic distortion does not exceed 1%, it does not exceed 3% at 100db; the biggest advantage of the earphone relative to the speaker is in the details. Actually listening to an excellent earphone should be clear, rich in detail, and audible distortion; low frequency deep The potential is clear and effective, and the entire frequency band is smooth and flat, and the high frequency is not too bright or too dark. For any pair of headphones, tri-bands are not perfect, and the smooth and natural connection between them is the most important.

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