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About us


Company: Shenzhen D-WIRELESS Technology Co., Ltd

Office Address:2F, Gebu Mansion,Songgang Community,Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Factory Address: East Building, Shangxue Technology Industry,Bantian Longgang District,Shenzhen,China.

Production Line: 6

Total Employees: 110

Covering Are: 5200 square meters

When you saw our company information at the first sight, you must think that this company is definitely not big, this is not the supplier I am looking for. Yes, I don't want to lie to you. Our company is not big, it has only been established for 6 years. However, due to the simplicity of our staff and the flat organizational structure, we can respond to the needs of our customers in the first place, so that customers can truly feel that they are VIPs. I believe that you surely know that the bigger company, the more expenses and the higher the management costs, these are actually spread over the price. I can’t guarantee that our price is the cheapest, because in China, no one dares to pack a ticket said his price is the cheapest. But I dare to assure you that the price we give you must be our best price. As you can see from the video, although our company covers a small area, we have all kinds of test equipment and silent rooms, because we firmly believe that quality is the foundation of a company, so we will not be mean in the quality control.

100pcs OEM Package & Product

Another important reason I dare to recommend us  to you is that we can do a small amount customization. Seeing here you may feel that the small quantity customization is not a big deal, and your current supplier can also do a small amount customization. But the small amount of customization I said here is not only the product, but also the packaging. I believe that customers who have done their own brand know that, take the TWS headset as an example,  the supplier may promise to give you 100 products printed logo, but 100 packages, they will not give you OEM, because the minimum quantity of OEM is at least 1000. But for us, 100 packages, we can also design according to your requirements, until you are satisfied.

Choosing not to choose our company is your freedom, we have no right to interfere. But hope you can give us a chance to prove ourself. Because I say more and better, it doesn't make sense to you. Trust can only be established after contact.

Company Value

  • INTEGRITY: We conduct business with integrity.
  • EXCELLENCE: We pursue excellence in everything we do.
  • INNOVATION: We encourage innovation in all aspects of our work.
  • PASSION: We have a passion for what we do.
  • RESPECT: We treat others with respect.
  • VALUE: Together, we create value for our customers.

Strong Team

  • Professional R & D Team
  • Professional management team
  • Professional design team
  • Strong warehouse logistics management team
  • 24H Online services


Contact Us

Phone: +8618617124496

Tel: +1 323 2845220

Email: denise@d-wireless.com

Add: 2F, Gebu Mansion,Songgang Community,Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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